17 oktober a.s. Boussinesq lezing: “Water quality in the changing hydroclimate”

Geplaatst: 08-10-2019


Dear Hydrologist,

This year the Boussinesq Lecture will be held on Thursday October 17 in the newly renovated KNAW in Amsterdam. This year the theme is Water quality and we are proud that Georgia Destouni (Stockholm University) will give this year Boussinesq Lecture entitled:

“Water quality in the changing hydroclimate”

Furthermore, Tim van Emmerik (Wageningen University) will give a talk about plastic debris in rivers and Ann van Griensven (Free University Brussels/IHE Delft) will talk about water quality modelling and how to deal with data scarcity.
In the morning the PhD-event will take place, where from each Dutch/Belgian hydrological university one PhD-student will pitch his/her work. All PhD's and staff are encouraged to attend this event.

The Boussinesq Lecture is free of charge, but registration is required via https://boussinesqcenter.nl/2019/03/01/boussinesq-lecture-2019-destouni/

Further details and the full program can be found on the Boussinesq website: https://boussinesqcenter.nl/2019/03/01/boussinesq-lecture-2019-destouni/

Hope to see you soon at the Boussinesq Lecture 2019

On behalve of the Boussinesq board,

Miriam Coenders